Arthritis and Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera for Health

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera - Page 2

22. Aloe Vera is rich in proteolitic enzymes. This removes dead skin unclogging your pores on the scalp. This typer of clogging hinders the growth of the new hair follicles. Accumulation of excessive sebum on the scalp can lead to hair problems like partial baldness. Aloe gel removes the sebum making the scalp clean and thus promoting hair growth.

23. Aloe Vera has alkaline properties which help to maintain the pH level of the scalp and hair (alkalinity). This helps the hair to retain water helping hair growth.

24. Aloe Vera is widely used for curing dandruff since the ancient ages. Due to its property of enzymatic breakdown of skin cells and anti fungal properties, it helps to reduce dandruff form the scalp, and cures scalp diseases like Psoriasis & Seborrhoea.

25. Add 2 teaspoons of fresh aloe gel into your bought out conditioner and use it normally. This enhances the moisturising properties of your conditioner. It hydrates your hair making them soft and smooth.

26. Alternately to 25 above, apply fresh aloe gel directly to the scalp, wash off after about 20 minutes with a mild shampoo.